Target Company
Wallover Enterprises, Inc.
Houghton International Inc., a subsidiary of Gulf Oil International

Client Description:

Established in 1863, Wallover is one of the oldest independent formulators of customized and highly engineered metalworking fluids and industrial lubricants in North America. The Company offers one of the broadest portfolios of custom oil and water-based fluid products in the industry, including metalworking fluids, aqueous cleaners, drawing and stamping compounds, rust preventives, electrical discharge machining (EDM) fluids, quenching oils, rolling oils, and industrial lubricants, with manufacturing applications in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Wallover provides advanced technical and applications expertise directly to small and mid-sized general industrial metalworkers, stainless steel cold rolling mills, and large multi-national OEMs and component manufacturers. By leveraging its deep engineering capabilities, long legacy of market leadership, and industry expertise, the Company is able to rapidly develop customized solutions for its diverse base of customers. Customers rely on Wallover products to increase operational efficiency and extend the useful lives of capital equipment.