Target Company
FFO Home
An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

Client Description:

Founded in 1984, FFO Home is a furniture retailer and bedding manufacturer based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The Company is a top 100 U.S. home furnishings retailer with leading positions in highly attractive markets throughout the Mid-South. FFO Home currently has retail locations in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The Company sells furniture in several categories, including upholstered goods, bedding, bedroom, dining room, and miscellaneous home décor items, all available for customers to take home the same day. Over the last 30 years, FFO Home has developed a resonant brand and deep roots in its communities. The Company has grown exponentially in recent years and has plans to accelerate this growth in the coming years. Exclusive vendor relationships, in-house bedding manufacturing operations, a unique good, better, best strategy, and a strong management team are all factors in FFO Home’s success and continued momentum.