The BGL Consumer Products & Retail Insider addresses capital markets and mergers and acquisitions activity, financial and operating performance of certain publicly-traded companies, and trends and issues affecting the industry.

Positive sentiment and forecasted gains in consumer spending provide a solid foundation for continued strength in the consumer market. In this edition, developing themes in eCommerce, Home Furnishings, and the Outdoor industry are explored:

  • Online sales are exploding, with digital platforms transforming the retail landscape. In line with rapid channel growth, eCommerce is seeing comparable velocity in the M&A market with an accelerating level of transaction activity. In a roundtable survey, industry executives share insight on successes and pitfalls in developing eCommerce platforms.
  • The Home Furnishings market is exhibiting strength at all levels of the distribution chain. Solid brand performance and brick and mortar sales have been bolstered by increasing eCommerce penetration, particularly with a new generation of home goods shoppers. Sector capital markets activity suggests a bullish investor outlook.
  • Acquisition activity is gaining momentum in the Outdoor industry as participants look to build product portfolios to extend reach into the broader outdoor enthusiast space. In an exclusive interview, Greg Steil, CEO at The Outdoor Group, LLC, shares his insight on the business and changing dynamics in the industry.