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April 13, 2005

Michael Gibbons Tapped to Lead Global M&A

Global M&A, the worldwide partnership of top-tier mid-market investment banks, chose Michael Gibbons as its new chairman at a partnership meeting today in Venice, Italy.

Gibbons, 53, founded and chairs Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL), based in Cleveland and Chicago. BGL has been a member of Global M&A since 2001.

“I am very gratified and appreciative of this vote of confidence. I am excited to lead Global M&A because I believe we provide unique services in the cross border middle-market,” Gibbons said.

Gibbons is the first American to lead Global M&A, which was established in Europe in the 1990s. Members execute deals, mainly mergers and acquisitions, on a partnership basis. The partnership has 27 member firms in as many countries, with offices in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Three firms, in Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic, joined the partnership today. Global M&A partner firms have executed more than 500 transactions with a total value of more than $12 billion since 2000.

Global M&A head Carlo Montenovesi, chair of Italian partner, Cross Border, supported Gibbons as his successor.

“The last two years have been focused on extending territorial reach, particularly outside Europe. But the most significant results have been achieved in the level of interaction and teamwork within the Global M&A partnership. In particular, our U.S. partners have increasingly participated in joint projects with most of our other partners, and with their thought leadership in the M&A area,” Montenovesi said.

“That’s why passing the leadership of Global M&A to Mike is very logical. I am very proud to pass the lead to Mike, founder of Brown Gibbons Lang & Co., whom I admire both for his professional capability and integrity.”

Gibbons pointed to the partnership’s growth under Montenovesi as his signature contribution.

“I salute and thank Carlo Montenovesi for his leadership. Under Carlo, we added partners in six countries. We will continue to grow because Global M&A’s service is unique. Our “best of breed’ investment banks work in unison for our clients in the middle-market and multinational corporate world. That regional expertise and sector depth they get nowhere else,” Gibbons said.

About Brown Gibbons Lang & Company

Brown Gibbons Lang & Company is a leading independent investment bank serving middle market companies and their owners throughout the U.S. and internationally. BGL’s professionals are experts in mergers & acquisitions, debt & equity placements, and financial restructurings. BGL is the U.S. partner in Global M&A, the world’s leading working partnership of investment banking boutiques. More information on Brown Gibbons Lang & Company can be found at