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Target Company
Visual Physics LLC
Crane & Co. Inc.

Client Description:

Visual Physics, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a manufacturer and supplier of micro-optic security films used for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection applications. The acquisition of Visual Physics gives Crane exclusive control and management of the UnisonĀ® family of technologies. The most well-known Unison technology is MOTIONĀ®, the micro-optic security technology that Crane sells for the protection of banknotes. Nanoventions and Crane, through its Crane Currency Division, pioneered the use of micro-optics in banknotes in 2006 with the introduction of the MOTION technology in Sweden. The central banks of the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Paraguay, and other yet-to-be disclosed countries have selected MOTION as their primary security feature for both new banknote designs and upgraded banknotes. MOTION technology has been selected as the primary overt security feature on the new United States $100 banknote scheduled for release in 2010.