Target Company
Recovery Logistics, LLC and Site Resources, LLC
QualTek USA, LLC

Client Description:

Headquartered in Apex, North Carolina, RLI is a leading national provider of essential business continuity and disaster recovery services to the power utility and telecommunications markets. RLI’s comprehensive suite of support services including, logistics, auxiliary power and fuel resources, temporary housing and basecamp infrastructure and support facilities, clearing and access work, and restoration of telecommunication network towers and related equipment, are critical in helping its customers both maintain and restore power and telecommunication in the wake of emergency and other unplanned events. The Company’s turnkey service offering, proprietary technology, and extensive network of key response resources have enabled it to be the single-source solution provider to the complex demands of its premier customer base. RLI’s sister-company, SRI, provides cell site installation, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance of wireless network infrastructures and often works in conjunction with RLI on disaster recovery efforts.