Environmental & Industrial Services
Target Company
Keter Environmental Services, Inc.
TPG Growth

Client Description

Founded in 2011, Keter is a full-service, asset-light waste and recycling management services provider (MSP) delivering technology-enabled waste, recycling, and sustainability programs for multi-location customers across the U.S. The company‚Äôs industry-leading technology platform and value proposition enable consistent and reliable waste management services on a national scale, as well as real-time sustainability and operational efficiency metrics for its targeted REIT, industrial, and healthcare customers. Keter’s distinct technology and service model is supported with an expansive coverage area of smart compactors and container monitoring hardware that provide accurate, real-time data to customers and support Keter in maximizing service quality and efficiency. Keter’s proprietary technology includes a unique portal that aggregates financial and operating data, providing customers with clear insight into program performance, enabling them to achieve their sustainability goals. Keter has aided customers in yielding the recycling of 700 thousand tons, increased landfill capacity of 23 million cubic yards, and the avoidance of over 5 million pounds of greenhouse gases.