Healthcare & Life Sciences
Target Company
Anesthesia Consultants of Savannah, P.C. 
Epix Healthcare Associates LLC

Client Description:

Founded in 1979 and based in Savannah, Georgia, ACOS is led by a group of 13 board certified and fellowship trained anesthesiologists. ACOS’ physicians are uniquely qualified and experienced with advanced specialization including cardiac, orthopedic, pediatric, high-risk OB, regional, and Level 1 Trauma anesthesia. ACOS’ physicians sought to join Epix due to its unique approach to partnering with high quality anesthesia practices and its comprehensive infrastructure as a leading anesthesia management platform. As a result of the partnership, ACOS will leverage Epix’s specialized resources, personnel, and technology as ACOS continues its commitment to delivering unmatched levels of service to its customers and patients.