BGL Environmental Services – Capital in Focus

The BGL Environmental Services Insider is a periodic newsletter addressing capital markets and mergers & acquisitions activity, financial and operating performance of certain publicly-traded companies, and trends within the environmental services industry.

Environmental services continues to attract capital. Investors and lenders are drawn to the recurring revenue models and high free cash flow profiles of many businesses. Growing volumes and specialized waste streams support themes of waste recovery and present unique opportunities to exploit technology and capability expansion for growth. In this edition, we spotlight a lender roundtable of capital providers that specialize in the environmental services sector, discussing areas of interest, valuation and credit metrics, and outlook on capital availability. We also include a new feature on capital raising activity in the sector.

Used oil re-refining, an area within waste recovery, is garnering investor interest. We continue our coverage of the industry, sharing insider views on recent market developments, with a perspective from private equity on the sale of used oil collector Thermo Fluids.