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June 17, 2024

Five Emerging Trends to Watch in Diagnostics Ahead of DxPx U.S. 2024

The field of diagnostics is rapidly evolving, driven by advancements in technology that are revolutionizing disease detection and management. Ahead of DxPx U.S., the industry + investor partnering conference dedicated to Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, and Life Sciences Tools, five key trends are emerging that are set to define the future of the industry.

These trends, along with other key topics in diagnostics, will be highlighted at DxPx U.S., which takes place from July 30th to August 1st in Chicago, Illinois within the exposition hall of ADLM 2024 (formerly the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo), the premier global laboratory medicine meeting.

Five key trends in the Diagnostics space:

  1. The groundbreaking potential of spatial biology: As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, spatial biology is emerging as a promising platform that will have a transformative impact on cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment selection. How far away are we from clinical use?
  2. Breakthrough designation and automated reimbursement: Medical device makers may find it easier to secure health insurance reimbursement for their products with the FDA breakthrough designation. But what is the status of reimbursement for the FDA breakthrough designation, and what impact could this have on innovative technologies?
  3. Integration of artificial intelligence: A.I. has the power to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic processes. What are the latest developments in machine learning algorithms’ ability to help analyze complex medical data, aid in early disease detection, and provide more precise diagnostics results?
  4. Advancements in liquid biopsy technology: Epigenetics is showing promising results as the best pathway for detecting early-stage cancers and other diseases. Is a non-invasive approach using bodily fluids gaining momentum? How far are we away from real-life implementation?
  5. Defining the “new normal” in diagnostics post COVID: Q1 earnings reports continue to reveal a trend of revenue decreases for major diagnostics and tools companies, although they many are still beating market expectations. The lingering question remains: when can we expect to see an end to the impact of COVID-19 on these companies’ financial performance?

To read more about the discussions happening around these trends at DxPx U.S. 2024, including more information on the expert panelists being featured, visit:

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