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September 1, 2006

Brown Gibbons Lang & Company Announces Executive Transition

Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL) announced today that Scott H. Lang, Senior Managing Director and CEO will step down as CEO and sell his ownership back to the firm. Lang, who had headed the firm together with co-founder and Chairman, Michael E. Gibbons, said he will remain active as a Senior Managing Director for a period of time necessary to insure a smooth transition for the firm and its clients, but that he intends to leave the company later this year and pursue new professional opportunities.

“I am extremely proud of the fine firm that Michael Gibbons and I have built together, our many accomplishments for our clients, and our outstanding team of professionals,” said Lang. “I believe this firm has a terrific future ahead of it, or I would not be leaving with my name still on the door,” he added. “My role at BGL had become too focused on internal matters and less so on what I really enjoy the most, which is building business relationships, anticipating markets, and working directly with clients – which is what I will be doing during my remaining tenure here at BGL.”

Lang joined BGL in 1995, when he opened the firm’s Chicago office. He has been instrumental in the firm’s steady growth into a leading international player in middle market investment banking, serving businesses across a wide range of industries and geographies. He became CEO of BGL in 2005, at which time Mr. Gibbons took on the role of Chairman of Global M&A, a leading international partnership of middle market investment banking boutiques in 31 countries, of which BGL is the U.S. partner.

Gibbons, who has assumed the role of CEO of the firm in addition to his role as Chairman, called Lang’s decision “bittersweet.” He noted, “Scott’s 11-year tenure at BGL has been marked by extraordinary accomplishments and significant growth for our company. He is an extremely talented dealmaker, and he has instilled a commitment to excellence among all of the professionals here at BGL. He is leaving behind a tremendous legacy, and it has been an honor to be his partner.”

“Scott will have our full support in completing the projects on which he has been working. We wish him well and know he will be successful in whatever he undertakes next,” Gibbons added.

Gibbons noted that BGL intends to expand its presence in Chicago and recently signed a new lease for larger office space to accommodate its continued growth there, where five new investment bankers have been recently added to the professional staff.

About Brown Gibbons Lang & Company

Brown Gibbons Lang & Company is a leading independent investment bank serving middle market companies and their owners throughout the U.S. and internationally. BGL’s professionals are experts in mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity placements, and financial restructurings. BGL is the U.S. partner firm in Global M&A, one of the world’s leading partnerships of top-tier, mid-market, cross-border investment banks. Global M&A was named 2005 Investment Bank of the Year by The M&A Advisor. For more information, please visit