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August 27, 2019

John C. Riddle Quoted in Forbes – This Joint Is Jumping: PE Firms Knee-Deep In Orthopedic Space

John C. Riddle, Managing Director and Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences, was quoted in Forbes regarding why orthopedics might be the next white-hot physician practice management (PPM) space.

“If you look at when consolidation kicked off in other specialties, like dermatology, it started after there was a big rate cut,” Riddle said. “Ortho hasn’t had it yet, but they sense it may be coming.”

Riddle cautioned that growing an orthopedic platform is more complex than expanding a dermatology or dental platform. Given their partnerships with hospitals, orthopedic practices tend to be localized businesses, and success hinges on increasing regional density, he added.

“The right investor with the right group could make a lot of money in orthopedics,” Riddle said.

The full article is available on Forbes‘ website.