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BGL Healthcare Transaction Advisor - Urgent Care Edition

April 23 2015

At the request of numerous clients, we have created the Advisor, a brief publication highlighting recent mergers and acquisitions activity, valuation metrics of select publicly-traded healthcare services providers, and insightful case studies of recent notable BGL transactions.  The detailed case studies offer our perspective on recent client mandates and their strategic importance, as well as the mechanics utilized in order to execute the transactions. 

The focus of this issue of the Advisor is on the urgent care industry.  While urgent care operators have been around for decades, their importance in the healthcare market place is growing significantly as the healthcare provider industry shifts its focus to providing accessible, high quality care at the lowest possible cost.  Urgent care clinics help health systems and other providers improve their continuum of care by providing a more cost effective method to triage patients.  The urgent care industry has experienced rapid growth since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which is expected to continue going forward.

We hope the Advisor's information and in-depth case studies will prove informative to you and will serve as a helpful tool in your ongoing strategic and financial decision-making process.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss the case study, your company and current strategic initiatives you may be considering, or the healthcare industry as a whole.

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